Opernplauderei online


Opera Chats Online

The loyal fans of the opera chats no longer have to do without their popular talk format.

Starting February 4th, 2021, the Oper Leipzig will start a series of opera chats, which will take place online on Thursdays at 6 p.m. The living room at home becomes a concert foyer, the screen a podium. And of course you are also allowed to enjoy a cup of tea or a nice glass of sparkling wine and make yourself comfortable on the sofa.

Those who are interested can find a link to the online platform ZOOM on the Oper Leipzig website or on Facebook, with which they can take part in the event free of charge. The installation of ZOOM is not necessary for this. All those who are not yet familiar with the online platform ZOOM will find instructions at the bottom of this page, with the help of which they can easily dial into the event.


Our next guests: 

  • Lilli Wünscher, Soloist of the Musikalische Komödie (April| 8th | 6 pm)

To participate, simply click on the picture of the respective guest at the relevant date and you will be there live via ZOOM.

Instructions to participate

In our instructions you will learn step by step how you can take part in the respective online opera chats.

It is not necessary to log in and register with ZOOM!

Click here to download:

Download: »Anleitung ZOOMOPERA«
Download: »Anleitung ZOOMOPERA«