General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relationship between the Oper Leipzig and its visitors. They form part of the contractual agreement between the Oper Leipzig and its visitors. They are valid for all Oper Leipzig events, in both current and future venues (Opera House, Musikalische Komödie, Konzertfoyer (Concert Foyer), Drehscheibe (rotating stage), Probebühnen (rehearsal rooms)). They are not valid for third-party events that take place at Oper Leipzig venues, and do not apply to events for which the Oper Leipzig sells tickets for third parties. In these cases, contractual obligations are solely between the customer and the third party. Further special terms apply for subscribers and tour organizers.


Ticket prices are set by the City of Leipzig’s City Council, and published by the Oper Leipzig’s publications. Printed ticket prices are valid only for tickets purchased at the Oper Leipzig box office and at the Musikalische Komödie box office. All other third-party ticket agencies, including online third-party websites, might levy an advanced booking fee, which may raise the ticket price. Valid authorization for price reductions are to be presented unbidden when entering the event.


Customers can purchase tickets once the season schedule has been published in the annual program. Via an order (written, via e-mail, or by phone), the customer makes a binding offer to purchase specific tickets. With this ticket order, the customer agrees to recognize and be bound by the General Terms and Conditions. When the ticket order has been confirmed, the customer is given a payment deadline. The deadline is generally four weeks from the date of the order. If the time between the order confirmation and the date of the event is less than four weeks, payment must be received by no later than ten days before the date of the event. If no payment is made, the order confirmation is forfeited. If the time between the ticket order and the date of the event is less than ten days, tickets must purchased immediately. Payments can be made with cash money, with credit card (Mastercard, American Express, Visa), via bank transfer, or by direct debit. Tickets are issued once payment has been received. Tickets can be sent via postal mail, at the customer’s own expense. The customer assumes all liability and risk for tickets sent via postal mail. Requests for wheelchair space should be made at the time of ticket order and ticket purchase.


Customers who order or reserve tickets give their consent to the Oper Leipzig to collect, process, save, and use – in accordance with privacy laws – any and all personal data provided by the customer in the process of developing and implementing the ticket-purchasing contract. The Oper Leipzig is authorized to share data with natural or legal persons, as long as these persons are authorized by the Oper Leipzig with fulfilling ticket-purchasing contracts.


All ticket sales and sundry items sales are final, and are barred from refunds and exchanges. In the event of a cancelled performance, the cost of the tickets (minus the advance booking fee) will be refunded. If a performance must be terminated before the intermission, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of the ticket. Any additional costs incurred to the customer (incidental expenses, hotel, travel, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the customer. Any other claims for damages or compensation, immaterial or otherwise, are also invalid. Compensation claims are to be made by presenting or submitting the original entry ticket. Changes in the program or the cast (including changes of conductor or soloist) do not constitute a claim to reimbursement or reduction of the ticket price, or for ticket substitution or exchange. In the event of the loss of a ticket, the customer is not entitled to a replacement. If the customer can prove which seat they had, or if they can pinpoint the seat they had purchased, the Oper Leipzig may, at its discretion, issue a replacement. In such instances, the original ticket’s validity supersedes the validity of the replacement ticket.


Admittance to a performance is only possible with a valid entry ticket (this also applies to children). Customers are required to sit in their assigned seat, as indicated on his/her entry ticket. Occupying another seat, even if that seat is empty, is not permissible. If a customer arrives late to the theater, they have no claim to late entry to the performance space, or to their assigned seat. It is up to the discretion of the house manager (Leiterin Abenddienst) to determine if and when late arrivals are given a seat in the performance space or in the Laubengalerie. The house manager (Leiterin Abenddienst) will determine when this will take place, choosing a time that takes into consideration the best interests of the performance in progress and the performing artists. In some instances, entry to the performance space will only be possible at the intermission, or, in smaller performance spaces, not at all.


For copyright reasons, taking pictures, making audio recordings, or making audio/video recordings during performances is strictly prohibited. This also applies if the pictures or recordings are meant for private use. Should this rule be violated, the Oper Leipzig is permitted to confiscate and detain the device(s) until such a time as the owner of the device(s) deletes the unauthorized pictures or recordings. The Oper Leipzig assumes no responsibility for confiscated and detained devices, except in the case of intentional damage or gross negligence. This does not affect the rights of the copyright-infringed artists to assert damages.


Overcoats, heavy jackets, umbrellas, backpacks, walking sticks (except for those that are required for walking), large bags, and other bulky items, as well as food and drink, are not allowed in the performance venue. Items listed here, as well as other outerwear, may be left with coat check personnel for the duration of the performance, in exchange for a coat check ticket. Upon presentation of the coat check ticket, checked items will be returned to the presenter of the ticket, without regard to item ownership. Mixed-up or damaged items should be reported to coat check personnel immediately. The Oper Leipzig accepts no liability for damage to or loss of items, including intentional damage or gross negligence, caused by a lapse in obligatory supervision by a coat check attendant. Liability is restricted to the current market value of the item. The Oper Leipzig assumes no liability for cash money or other sundry material objects located in pockets, backpacks, bags, etc. In the event of loss of a coat check ticket, the guest is liable for a sum of 3.50 € (three euros and fifty euro cents) to replace the lost coat check ticket. Those items checked under the lost coat check ticket will be returned only once all other checked items have been claimed.


Gegenstände jeder Art, welche in den Räumlichkeiten/Spielstätten der Oper Leipzig gefunden werden, sind beim Hauspersonal abzugeben. Für die weitere Aufbewahrung wird keine Haftung seitens der Oper Leipzig übernommen. Der Verlust von Gegenständen ist unverzüglich dem Hauspersonal zu melden. Fundsachen werden eine ­Woche lang bei der Oper Leipzig aufbewahrt und danach dem Fundbüro der Stadt Leipzig übergeben.


Animals are not allowed in the performance venues.


The Oper Leipzig personnel is authorized to escort or direct guests to leave the building in the event that the guest disturbs other guests, the performance, or if they are found to be making prohibited photographic or audio or audio/video recordings.


Das Betreten / der Aufenthalt in den Räumlichkeiten und Spielstätten der Oper Leipzig erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Für schuldhaft verursachte Schäden haftet die Oper ­Leipzig nach den gesetzlichen Vorschriften. Für ­Personen- und Sachschäden, die ein Besucher in den Räumen und Spielstätten der Oper Leipzig erleidet, haftet die Oper ­Leipzig sowie deren Vertreter und Erfüllungsgehilfen nur im Falle des Vorsatzes und der groben Fahrlässigkeit. Diese Haftungsbeschränkung gilt nicht für Ansprüche aus der Verletzung von Leben, Körper oder Gesundheit. Eine weitere ­Haftung ist ausgeschlossen.


Die Oper Leipzig ist weder bereit noch verpflichtet, an einem Streitbeilegungsverfahren vor einer Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsstelle teilzunehmen. Auf Verträge und Rechtsbeziehungen, die diesen agb unterliegen, findet deutsches Recht Anwendung.


These General Terms and Conditions are effective starting June 20, 2018, and replace any other earlier versions.