Bakery Boxes & Yoga Mats

Which recycled materials are used in "King Arthur"?
Nele Winter | Dramaturgin | Tuesday 07.02.2023

"King Arthur" is a musical theatre production by our children's and youth choir and is celebrating its revival this season. Nature plays an important role in the play: when war breaks out, not only people suffer, but also the environment. Especially the sorceress Morgana and the magician Merlin live closely connected with the plants and the animals. They have a keen sense for when something changes in nature. It was therefore particularly important to the team of "King Arthur" to contribute to environmental protection and to work sustainably.

That is why director and set designer Philipp J. Neumann used as many recycled materials as possible when creating the set. For example, Arthur's throne is made of recycled cucumber barrel lids, nets, baker's crates, trays, corrugated sheets, water canisters and even yoga mats. The throne, by the way, is transformed into a round table at the end of the play. King Arthur wants to share his power, not one person should have the say, but many different people - the Round Table is born.

For the costumes, too, care was taken to ensure that all the fabrics used were recycled. Costume designer Nicola Minssen worked exclusively with used clothing. The knights' shields were made from picture frames, corrugated cardboard, gratings and an ironing board, among other things. The swords are made of broom handles, sewage pipes and garden hoses, for example.