Junge Oper Leipzig

Participation for the little ones

For children 4-7 years old

Sing with Witch Antonella

If you don't know Witch Antonella's song yet, you can learn it with us. Martina will teach you step by step and will show you the magical movements to go along with it.

Have fun singing along!

Paint your favorite song!

The children in our choir painted great pictures for the story. This is how a music video came about. Now it's your turn to paint a picture!

Perhaps there is a passage in the witch's song that does not yet have a picture? Or do you have another favorite song that you would like to paint a picture for?

We look forward to you taking a photo of your picture and sending it to us. Let's see if we can guess the song.

Grab your pots and pans!

Martina makes music with you on things that you find in the kitchen. Get ready to be  a part of our kitchen orchestra!