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PREMIERE Lucy Simon / Michael Weller / Michael Korie / Amy Powers

Performance 01/27/2018  |  Musical in two acts | Lucy Simon / Michael Weller / Michael Korie / Amy Powers

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Musical in two acts | Music by Lucy Simon | Book by Michael Weller | Lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers | Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak | German version by Sabine Ruflair (Lyrics) and Jürgen Hartmann (Book) | German-language Premiere

With Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak created an ­international epic; David Lean’s Hollywood film based on the novel would go on to win five Academy Awards. Now, for the first time, the tale of this poet-physician takes the stage as a grand musical. Raised in Russia ­during the Tsarist empire, Yuri Zhivago’s story ­takes place on the front amid the confusion of war and the Russian ­October Revolution. A free spirit, he finds ­himself caught not only between two regimes, but also between two women: his wife Tonya, and Laura, his secret love.

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