The Girl of the West

Das Mädchen aus dem Goldenen Westen

Giacomo Puccini


Opera in three acts | Text by Guelfo Civinini and Carlo Zangarini


Opera in three acts | Text by Guelfo Civinini and Carlo Zangarini, after the play The Girl of the Golden West (1905) by David Belasco | In Italian with German supertitles | Playing time  2 3/4 hours | One intermission

When the Metropolitan Opera in New York commis­sio­ned him to create an opera, Puccini chose a rather inter­esting location: a mining camp in the middle of the Wild West. But his opera is anything but a simple Western. Hidden amid the hunt for gold is a quest for the real meaning of life.
Ulf Schirmer
Ulf Schirmer Musikalische Leitung
Cusch Jung
Cusch Jung Inszenierung
Karin Fritz
Karin Fritz Bühne, Kostüme
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Choreinstudierung
Christian Geltinger
Christian Geltinger Dramaturgie
Meagan Miller
Meagan Miller Minnie
Christiane Döcker
Christiane Döcker Wowkle
Tuomas Pursio
Tuomas Pursio Jack Rance
Gaston Rivero
Gaston Rivero Dick Johnson
Patrick Vogel
Patrick Vogel Nick
Randall Jakobsh
Randall Jakobsh Ashby
Jonathan Michie
Jonathan Michie Sonora
Matthew Peña
Matthew Peña Trin
Franz Xaver Schlecht
Franz Xaver Schlecht Sid
Viktor Rud
Viktor Rud Bello
Dan Karlström
Dan Karlström Harry
Alvaro Zambrano
Alvaro Zambrano Joe
Vincenzo Neri
Vincenzo Neri Happy
Donato Di Gioia
Donato Di Gioia Larkens
Artur Mateusz Garbas
Artur Mateusz Garbas Billy Jackrabbit
Sejong Chang
Sejong Chang Jake Wallace
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Jean-Baptiste Mouret José Castro
Tae Hee Kwon
Tae Hee Kwon Ein Postillon