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The Flying Dutchman

Richard Wagner

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Romantic opera in three acts | Text by the composer

Einführung in deutscher und englischer Sprache


Romantic opera in three acts | Text by the composer | In German with german and english supertitles | Playing time ca. 2 3/4 hours | One intermission
The Flying Dutchman navigates the earth, accursed, tirelessly searching for salvation. But he can only find deliverance if he finds a woman who will promise to be faithful to him, even in death. Wagner’s atmospheric thriller encompasses the search for home and the desire for another.

Ulf Schirmer
Ulf Schirmer Musikalische Leitung
Michiel Dijkema
Michiel Dijkema Inszenierung, Bühne
Jula Reindell
Jula Reindell Kostüme
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Choreinstudierung
Elisabeth Kühne
Elisabeth Kühne Dramaturgie
Elisabet Strid
Elisabet Strid Senta
Karin Lovelius
Karin Lovelius Mary
Iain Paterson
Iain Paterson Der Holländer
Randall Jakobsh
Randall Jakobsh Daland
Vincent Wolfsteiner
Vincent Wolfsteiner Erik
Sven Hjörleifsson
Sven Hjörleifsson Der Steuermann