The Fall of the Antichrist

Viktor Ullmann

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Opera ( for a stage dedication ) in three acts | Text by Albert Steffen


Opera (for a stage dedication) in three acts | Text by Albert Steffen | In German with supertitles
What leeway does the individual have in the fight against a dictatorial regime? Set against the backdrop of the Nazis’ seizure of power, Viktor Ullmann and his librettist Albert Steffen search for the answers to this question. This consecration for the stage is, in a way, Viktor Ullmann’s response to Richard Wagner’s »Parsifal«.
Matthias  Foremny
Matthias Foremny Musikalische Leitung
Balázs Kovalik
Balázs Kovalik Inszenierung
Stephan Mannteuffel
Stephan Mannteuffel Bühne, Kostüm
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Choreinstudierung
Thomas Mohr
Thomas Mohr Der Regent / Dämon des Regenten
Dan Karlström
Dan Karlström Der Priester / Der unvollkommene Engel
Kay Stiefermann
Kay Stiefermann Der Techniker / Das Gespenst des Technikers
Stephan Rügamer
Stephan Rügamer Der Künstler
Sebastian Pilgrim
Sebastian Pilgrim Der Wärter / Greis
Martin Petzold
Martin Petzold Ausrufer