TANNHÄUSER And the Minstrel’s Contest at the Wartburg

Richard Wagner


Grand romantic opera in three acts | Text by the composer | Dresden Version

Coproduction between the Opera Vlaanderen and the Teatro La Fenice di Venezia

Einführung in deutscher und englischer Sprache


Grand romantic opera in three acts | Text by the composer | Dresden Version | In German with supertitles | Playing time ca. 4 hours | Two intermissions

A single scene makes Wagner’s Tannhäuser just as ­revolutionary today as it was when it first premiered: Heinrich, the titular outsider, causes chaos among the people with his unconventional ways. In Wagner’s “great romantic opera,” issues that speak to all people, not just artists, take center stage.

Due to logistical challenges, it is unfortunately not possible to realize the production of Tannhäuser under the direction of Professor Katharina Wagner as initially scheduled. The Oper Leipzig and Professor Wagner deeply regret this, but all involved look forward to a future collaboration: Richard Wagner's Lohengrin, which is expected to premiere in November 2020.

Ulf Schirmer
Ulf Schirmer Musikalische Leitung
Calixto Bieito
Calixto Bieito Inszenierung
Ingo Krügler
Ingo Krügler Kostüme
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Choreinstudierung
Sophie Bauer
Sophie Bauer Einstudierung Kinderchor / Jugendchor
Elisabet Strid
Elisabet Strid Elisabeth
Kathrin Göring
Kathrin Göring Venus
Tania Lorenzo
Tania Lorenzo Ein junger Hirt
Sebastian Pilgrim
Sebastian Pilgrim Hermann, Landgraf
Andreas Schager
Andreas Schager Tannhäuser
Markus Eiche
Markus Eiche Wolfram von Eschenbach
Patrick Vogel
Patrick Vogel Walther von der Vogelweide
Randall Jakobsh
Randall Jakobsh Biterolf
Sven Hjörleifsson
Sven Hjörleifsson Heinrich der Schreiber
Sejong Chang
Sejong Chang Reinmar von Zweter

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