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Leipziger Ballett

Swan Lake

Mario Schröder / Peter Tschaikowski

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Ballet by Mario Schröder | Music by Peter Tchaikovsky und Gavin Bryars | Choreographic premiere | Playing time ca. 2 1/4 hours | One intermission
In his most popular ballet, Tchaikovsky tells the ­timeless tale of the swan princess and her archenemy as they fight for the affections of the same man. Odette, the princess, is the essence of ethereal feminine beauty, and her rival Odile is the black swan that embodies sensuality and seduction. In his version of this fairy tale, Mario Schröder broaches the subject of the search for love and truth amid the temptations of desire and ecstasy.



Dirigent Anna Skryleva, Choreografie Mario Schröder, Bühne Paul Zoller, Kostüme Aleksandar Noshpal, Licht Michael Röger, Dramaturgie Thilo Reinhardt

Mario Schröder
Mario Schröder Choreografie
Aleksandar Noshpal
Aleksandar Noshpal Kostüme
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht