Musikalische Komödie im Westbad


Startsprung ins Westbad


MuKo Ahoy! (Opening Gala)
The SS MuKo has harbored barely a third of a league from the Haus Dreilinden. While the long-awaited renovations in the main hall of the MuKo’s home port take place, the ensemble will move to the Westbad, located at Odermannstraße 15, for one year. Because no matter what: the show must go on! After all, we wouldn’t leave you musically stranded during the 2019/20 season. But there’s no need to worry – although this concert and event location was once an indoor pool, you can leave your bathing caps at home. And we’ll keep our promise: If it says “MuKo,” we’ll be there, ready to welcome you aboard! Get your first taste of the upcoming season’s repertoire at our Opening Gala, where soloists, the chorus, ballet and the whole MuKo ensemble will present their season’s highlights.
Stefan Klingele
Stefan Klingele Musikalische Leitung
Christoph-Johannes Eichhorn
Christoph-Johannes Eichhorn Musikalische Leitung
Cusch Jung
Cusch Jung Regie
Mirko Mahr
Mirko Mahr Choreografie
Frank Schmutzler
Frank Schmutzler Bühne
Mathias  Drechsler
Mathias Drechsler Choreinstudierung
Lilli Wünscher
Lilli Wünscher Solistin
Mirjam  Neururer
Mirjam Neururer Solistin
Nora Lentner
Nora Lentner Solistin
Sabine Töpfer
Sabine Töpfer Solistin
Angela Mehling
Angela Mehling Solistin
Anke Fiedler
Anke Fiedler Solistin
Adam Sanchez
Adam Sanchez Solist
Andreas Rainer
Andreas Rainer Solist
Michael Raschle
Michael Raschle Solist
Justus Seeger
Justus Seeger Solist
Milko Milev
Milko Milev Solist
Jeffery Krueger
Jeffery Krueger Solist
Friedrich Rau
Friedrich Rau Solist
Cusch Jung
Cusch Jung Moderation