Leipziger Ballett

Soto / Scholz / Schröder

Uneven | Zweite Symphonie | Klarinettenkonzert

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Ballet evening in three parts | Choreography by Cayetano Soto, Uwe Scholz and Mario Schröder

Introduction 6:45pm in the Concert Foyer | Audience discussion after the performance


Ballet evening in three parts | Choreography by Cayetano Soto, Uwe Scholz and Mario Schröder | Music by David Lang, Robert Schumann and Aaron Copland 
This evening is a fast-paced ride through over 150 years of music history. With symphonic ballets such as Schumann’s »Second Symphony«, Uwe Scholz wrote ballet history. Ballet director and principal choreographer Mario Schröder creates a world premiere for the »Clarinet Concerto« by Bernstein contemporary Aaron Copland. To close out the program, award-winning Catalan choreographer Cayetano Soto’s choreography »Uneven« draws a link to the present day.



Dirigent Matthias Foremny, Choreografie, Bühne, Kostüm, Licht Uwe Scholz, Choreografie Mario Schröder, Licht Seah Johnson, Licht Michael Röger, Leipziger Ballett, Gewandhausorchester

Matthias  Foremny
Matthias Foremny Dirigent
Uwe Scholz
Uwe Scholz Choreografie, Bühne, Kostüm, Licht
Mario Schröder
Mario Schröder Choreografie
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht