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Leipziger Ballett


Ballett von Mario Schröder | Choreografische Uraufführung | Musik von Antonio Vivaldi, Peteris Vasks, Johann Sebastian Bach und Galina Ustwolskaja

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Every decision is ultimately a lonely one and it's precisely these decision-making moments that Mario Schröder puts at the center of the creation "Solitude". In times of voluntary and imposed isolation, loneliness arises in many facets, which the dancers of the Leipziger Ballett face. It remains unclear, who can decide when being alone becomes loneliness. Can't loneliness also become a place of longing in a society that is permanently accessible? The common is seen as the gold standard of the human brain, it longs for closeness and belonging. Social coexistence, innovation, belief - it is difficult to imagine a world without imagining what we have in common. Loneliness is dangerous, it has the appearance of human error. Loneliness threatens us both on a physical and psychological level. Solitude describes a voluntary state of being that excludes the physical presence of another and focuses on one's own inner landscape. Moments of deep reflection, self-awareness and creativity are only possible when external influences disappear and space remains for loneliness. Ballet director and chief choreographer Mario Schröder approaches the tension between involuntary loneliness and self-chosen moments of solitude in flash-like episodes. In the constant interplay of encounter and isolation, questions arise about the visibility, representation and effects of loneliness. What is the flaw of being lonely and how do we socially react to loneliness? What balance does it take to feel togetherness and at the same time to be able to live the luxury of a solitude?


Please note: In constant exchange with the health department of the City of Leipzig, we adapt our concepts (access to the venues, piece length, hygiene concept) to the changing conditions. These can then be accessed online at https://www.oper-leipzig.de/en/hygienekonzept.



Musikalische Leitung Felix Bender, Choreografie Mario Schröder, Bühne, Kostüm Paul Zoller, Licht Michael Röger, Dramaturgie Anna Diepold, Leipziger Ballett, Gewandhausorchester

Cast members
Felix Bender
Felix Bender Musikalische Leitung
Mario Schröder
Mario Schröder Choreografie
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht