Leipziger Ballett


2teiliger Ballettabend von Mario Schröder und Uwe Scholz | Musik von Sergej Rachmaninow: Klavierkonzert Nr. 3, d-Moll op. 30, Choreografie: Uwe Scholz / Klavierkonzert Nr. 2, c-Moll op. 18, Choreografie: Mario Schröder

Mario Schröder/Uwe Scholz

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A two-part ballet evening by Uwe Scholz and Mario Schröder

Between carefree joie de vivre and propulsive energy, sounds of the profoundest Russian melancholy surge forth, seeming to ask for lost time. In addition to Uwe Scholz's masterpiece, which choreographically reflects the fierce emotionality of Rachmaninow's music, Mario Schröder, who himself danced as a soloist in Uwe Scholz's choreography, focuses his work on emotions and visions of departures and returns, of nearing and retreating, of paths that intersect.



Dirigent Matthias Foremny, Bühne, Kostüme, Video Paul Zoller, Bühne und Kostüme Uwe Scholz, Dramaturgie Marita Müller, Licht Michael Röger

Matthias Foremny
Matthias Foremny Dirigent
Uwe Scholz
Uwe Scholz Bühne und Kostüme
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht