Musikalische Komödie im Westbad

Sunday 05.01.2020 | 3 p.m. | Westbad

Neujahrskonzert Musikalische Komödie

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In the midst of New Year’s celebrations, Lindenau will have the Waltz King, Johan Strauß, at the center of its festivities. You can look forward to a carefree evening, filled with the most beautiful melodies from your favorite repertoire.

Tobias Engeli Musikalische Leitung
Chor Musikalische Komödie Opernchor
Lilli Wünscher Sopran
Mirjam Neururer Sopran
Adam Sanchez Tenor
Andreas Rainer Tenor
Hinrich Horn Bariton
Justus Seeger Bariton
Michael Raschle Bassbariton