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Musikalische Komödie

Sunday 14.11.2021 | 3 p.m. | Musikalische Komödie

My Fair Lady

Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner


Musical nach George Bernard Shaws »Pygmalion« und dem Film von Gabriel Pascal | Buch von Alan Jay Lerner | Musik von Frederick Loewe | Deutsch von Robert Gilbert | Spieldauer ca. 3 Stunden | Eine Pause


Musical based on George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" and the film by Gabriel Pascal | Book by Alan Jay Lerner | Music by Frederick Loewe | German by Robert Gilbert

Is it possible to take a simple flower girl from the slums of London and, in the space of just a few months, teach her how to walk and talk like a lady? Challenge accepted! Henry Higgins, a self-assured professor of phonetics, decides to undertake this experiment, rendering Eliza Doolittle little more than a science project to be bombarded with abstruse language exercises. Just as the Greek sculptor Pygmalion once created a statue of the consummate woman, so will Henry Higgins take Eliza, the daughter of a trash collector, and shape her into a brilliant piece of art he can present at the Duchess’ Embassy Ball. But did the Professor forget to notice that the woman at his side isn’t made of marble, but is rather a self-confident woman with her own opinions and dreams?

Stefan Klingele
Stefan Klingele Musikalische Leitung
Karl Zugowski
Karl Zugowski Inszenierung
Monika Geppert
Monika Geppert Choreografie
Mathias  Drechsler
Mathias Drechsler Choreinstudierung
Mirjam Neururer
Mirjam Neururer Eliza Doolittle
Angela Mehling
Angela Mehling Mrs. Pearce
Anne-Kathrin Fischer
Anne-Kathrin Fischer Mrs. Higgins
Sabine Töpfer
Sabine Töpfer Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
Milko Milev
Milko Milev Prof. Henry Higgins
Michael Raschle
Michael Raschle Alfred P. Doolittle
Hans-Georg Pachmann
Hans-Georg Pachmann Oberst Pickering
Justus Seeger
Justus Seeger Freddy Eynsford-Hill
Stefan Dittko
Stefan Dittko Harry
Radoslaw Rydlewski
Radoslaw Rydlewski Prof. Zoltan Karpathy