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Never Give Up On Love | Songzyklus von Michael Chu

Performance 06/23/2018

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Repeat performance following the successful World Premiere!

Lovesongs.  The archetypal secular song is a lovesong.  For what else inspires us to lift our voices in song more than having just fallen in love?  Or to lament one's heartbreak or bewail unrequited love?
Michael Chu, a tenor in the Leipzig Opera Chorus, has composed a Song Cycle.
In his own words:
"It's about hope and first encounters. Happiness and disappointment. True love and broken hearts. Insight, recognitions, and more hope.  The style mixes pop and a little jazz, but most of the songs would feel at home in a musical. I like some drama in a song. Singing opera for over 25 years has certainly had an influence!
I am thrilled that the Leipzig Opera was able to present the World Premiere of 'Never Give Up on Love."  The luxury casting of Wallis Giunta, Jefferey Krueger, and Alden Gatt on the piano guarantee a stylish performance. It's a dream come true!"

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