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Musikalische Komödie im Westbad

MuKo Workshop

Gespräch mit dem Inszenierungsteam und öffentliche Probe zu »Zorbas / Balkanfeuer«


Discussion with the staging team and public rehearsal of »Zorbas / Balkanfeuer«


Ballet evening in two parts by Mirko Mahr | Playing time ca. 2 1/2 hours | One intermission

For many he is the Greek attitude to life in the flesh: the lustful freethinker Alexis Zorbas, forever connected with the Sirtaki dance. He’s also the focus of ballet director Mirko Mahr’s newest creation. Along with the revival of »Balkanfeuer« you’re invited to a wild and crazy Balkan wedding. A dancing double bill, bubbling with joie de vivre!