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Alban Berg

Performance 07/01/2018  |  Opera in three acts | Text by the composer

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Opera in three acts | Text by the composer after the tragedies Der Erdgeist (1895) and Die Büchse der Pandora (1902) by Frank Wedekind | Version in three acts (completed by Friedrich Cerha) | In German with supertitles

Lulu is a woman-child, a product of a time in which everything is turned upside down. She is the ­mutable manifestation of men’s erotic fantasies, ­representing the frantic search for one’s true self amid the ­superficial world of appearances. Set in the era when bourgeois morality was in the throes of collapse, she is the embodiment of animalistic impulses that must be tamed and possessed. The Oper Leipzig presents this 20th century classic in celebration of 325 years of opera in Leipzig.

  • Sparkasse Leipzig


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