Leipziger Ballett

Wednesday 12.05.2021 | 6:30 p.m. | Opernhaus

Leipziger Ballett Werkstatt

Gespräch mit dem Team und öffentliche Probe zur Ballett-Premiere »FUSION« 

Free entry

Choreografische Uraufführung

Alle Vorstellungen mit Einführung 45 Min. vor Vorstellungs­beginn; ­Publikumsgespräche im ­Anschluss (außer Premiere)


How do space, the human voice, and the body relate to each other? How can sound be used to create and change spaces? How can sounds be made visible? The ballet evening FUSION attempts to answer these questions. Principal choreographer and ballet director Mario Schröder and the Leipzig Ballet will work together with beatboxing artist Harry Yeff, alias Reeps100. Reeps100 produces such spectacular sounds that it’s hard to believe they are only created by his mouth, nose, and throat. He is not only one of the big stars on the scene – his videos have been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube – he also scientifically investigates the human voice. He was an artist in residence at Harvard University on three occasions and is currently part of the Bell Laboratories art and technology program.

This is also how the collaboration between the Leipzig Ballet and Harry Yeff – Reeps100 will manifest as an artistic laboratory: For the first time the beatboxer will work with dancers. This unprecedented experiment is about exploring the possibilities and limits of body and voice and how they interact with each other and with space. We’re excited to see the results of their research!