Premiere | Wednesday 13.07.2022 | 7 p.m. | Kunstkraftwerk Oper

King Arthur

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The second collaborative musical theatre production of the Oper Leipzig's Children's and Youth Choir and the Michael Praetorius Youth Music Group takes us to the legendary castle of Camelot, to King Arthur and the noble Knights of the Round Table. Troubled are the times: the handsome knight Lancelot is madly in love with the queen, someone is seeking Arthur's power, the famous wizard Merlin is not always available, and what is going on with Excalibur, the magic sword?

Sophie Bauer
Sophie Bauer Musikalische Leitung
Philipp J. Neumann
Philipp J. Neumann Inszenierung, Bühne
Nicola Minssen
Nicola Minssen Kostüme