Gastspiel der Janáček Oper des Nationaltheaters Brünn zum Abschluss des Tschechischen Kulturjahres in Leipzig

Leoš Janáček


In tschechischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln | Spieldauer ca. 2 3/4 Stunden | Zwei Pausen


Guest performance by the Opera of the National Theater Brno (Brünn), to mark the conclusion of the Czech Cultural Year in Leipzig | In Czech
Jenůfa is one of Janáček’s most famous works. Janáček paints individual portraits of his characters in masterful strokes: the wasteful and impulsive Števa, the impetuous yet tender Laca. Above all, though, it is the relentless Kostelnička (or sacristan), who, in her efforts to maintain her position and the respect of the village community, does not shy away from killing the child of her foster daughter Jenůfa. Janáček makes the viewer shiver, while simultaneously awakening compassion and understanding.