Premiere 28.06.2019 //
Choreografie: Passengers von Vincenzo Timpa //
Bild: Alessandro Repellini © Ida Zenna
Premiere 28.06.2019 //
Choreografi: Synchrosomatic von Bjarte Emil Wedervang Bruland // 
Bild: Anna Jo, Carl van Godtsenhoven © Ida Zenna
Premiere 28.06.2019 // 
Choreografie: Centurion von Fang-Yi Liu //
Bild: Fang-Yi Liu, Yan Leiva © Ida Zenna
Premiere 28.06.2019 //
Choreografie: Mujeres von Itziar Ducajù //
Bild: Paulina Téran, Jeanne Baudrier © Ida Zenna

Leipziger Ballett

Sunday 07.07.2019 | 6 p.m. | LOFFT - Das Theater

Intershop // LOFFT

Choreografien von Tänzern des Leipziger Balletts


Following the successful start of their cooperation last season, the Leipzig Ballet is now expanding its collaboration with LOFFT. For the first time, the venue for the Intershop will be the new LOFFT location on the grounds of the Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei. The historical spinning mill’s unique atmosphere will serve as a modern melting pot of various arts, as the dancers will use this unique space to confront topics that quite literally move them.


Cast members