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Musikalische Komödie

Saturday 15.01.2022 | 7 p.m. | Musikalische Komödie


Lucy Simon / Michael Weller / Michael Korie / Amy Powers


Musical in two acts | Music by Lucy Simon | Book by Michael Weller | Lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers | Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak | German version by Sabine Ruflair (Lyrics) and Jürgen Hartmann (Book) | German-language Premiere | Playing time ca. 3 1/2 hours | One intermission

With Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak created an ­international epic; David Lean’s Hollywood film based on the novel would go on to win five Academy Awards. Now, for the first time, the tale of this poet-physician takes the stage as a grand musical. Raised in Russia ­during the Tsarist empire, Yuri Zhivago’s story ­takes place on the front amid the confusion of war and the Russian ­October Revolution. A free spirit, he finds ­himself caught not only between two regimes, but also between two women: his wife Tonya, and Laura, his secret love.



Christoph-Johannes Eichhorn
Christoph-Johannes Eichhorn Musikalische Leitung
Cusch Jung
Cusch Jung Inszenierung
Mirko Mahr
Mirko Mahr Choreografie
Karin Fritz
Karin Fritz Bühne, Kostüme
Mathias  Drechsler
Mathias Drechsler Choreinstudierung
Elisabeth Kühne
Elisabeth Kühne Dramaturgie
Konstanze Haupt
Konstanze Haupt Kubaricha
Georg Führer
Georg Führer Liberius
Hanna Mall
Hanna Mall Larissa Guichard (Lara)
Julia Lißel
Julia Lißel Antonina Gromeko (Tonia)
Sabine Töpfer
Sabine Töpfer Anna Gromeko / Olga
Yngve Gasoy-Romdal
Yngve Gasoy-Romdal Jurij Schiwago
Cusch Jung
Cusch Jung Viktor Komarovskij
Björn Christian Kuhn
Björn Christian Kuhn Pavel Antipov (Pascha) / Strelnikow
Michael Raschle
Michael Raschle Alexander Gromeko
Milko Milev
Milko Milev Markel / Gints
Stephen Budd
Stephen Budd Janko
Kinderchor der Oper Leipzig
Kinderchor der Oper Leipzig Lara/Tonia/Jurij (als Kinder)