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Die Zauberflöte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Grand Opera in two acts | Text by Emanuel Schikaneder


Grand Opera in two acts | Text by Emanuel Schikaneder | Playing time ca. 3 hours | One intermission
This delightful mélange of tragic opera, mysterious magic game, and droll popular theater defies all attempts at classification. Mozart’s last work for the stage is at once a fairy tale and theater for the ages, written in a world on the cusp of historic and social upheaval. The opera was premiered in 1791, when Europe was already beginning the transition from the Enlightenment to the Romantic period. The experiences of the French Revolution are reflected here, as is the growing artistic interest in the darker sides of humankind, as well as the suppressed and the irrational. Like two sides of one coin, the Queen of the Night’s and Sarastro’s two opposing spheres of power are pitted against one another. Sarastro has kidnapped Pamina, the Queen’s daughter, in order to instruct and raise her according to his philosophy. The Queen sends Prince Tamino and the naïve bird catcher Papageno on a mission to Sarastro’s kingdom to find her beloved daughter. A magic flute and a glockenspiel are their only weapons against deadly perils.

Ralf Nürnberger
Ralf Nürnberger Inszenierung, Licht
Yadegar Asisi
Yadegar Asisi Bühne
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Einstudierung Chor
Olena Tokar
Olena Tokar Pamina
Magdalena Hinterdobler
Magdalena Hinterdobler Erste Dame
Kathrin Göring
Kathrin Göring Zweite Dame
Sandra Maxheimer
Sandra Maxheimer Zweite Dame
Christiane Döcker
Christiane Döcker Dritte Dame
Sandra Janke
Sandra Janke Dritte Dame
Matthias Stier
Matthias Stier Tamino
Patrick Vogel
Patrick Vogel Tamino
Jonathan Michie
Jonathan Michie Papageno
Franz Xaver Schlecht
Franz Xaver Schlecht Papageno
Sejong Chang
Sejong Chang Sarastro
Randall Jakobsh
Randall Jakobsh Sarastro
Dan Karlström
Dan Karlström Monostatos
Martin Petzold
Martin Petzold Monostatos
Tuomas Pursio
Tuomas Pursio Sprecher
Máté Gál
Máté Gál Ein Priester
Alvaro Zambrano
Alvaro Zambrano Erster geharnischter Mann
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Jean-Baptiste Mouret Zweiter geharnischter Mann
Michael Chu
Michael Chu Erster Sklave