Das Rheingold

Richard Wagner

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Prelude to the scenic festival Der Ring des Nibelungen | Text by the composer

Introduction 45 minutes before the performance in the concert foyer


Prelude to the scenic festival Der Ring des Nibelungen | Text by the composer | In German with german and english supertitles | | Playing time ca. 2 3/4 hours | No intermission

Conceived as a preliminary evening to Wagner’s interpretation of world mythology, »Das Rheingold« introduces the central themes of this tetralogy: »Only he who renounces the power of love« can form the Rheingold into a ring that promises its bearer power over the world. It is the low E-flat in the strings that gives us the musical manifestation of the idea of a natural primitive state. But once Alberich steals the Rheingold, a chain of events are set in motion: Wotan’s megalomaniacal plan to build a structure representative of gods’ long-lost authority is followed by Alberich’s betrayal at Wotan and Loge’s hand and Alberich’s subsequent curse. The murder of Fasolt by his brother Fafner ensues. Not even Erda, with her wisdom and warning, can stop the chain of events from unfurling.
To coincide with the Wagner anniversary in 2013, the Oper Leipzig kicks off a new staged production of the Ring des Nibelungen, together with the Gewandhaus Orchestra under the direction of Intendant and General Music Director Prof. Ulf Schirmer. Das Rheingold isn’t just the shortest of the four operas, but also the most comical. Gods are, after all, just like men…

Ulf Schirmer
Ulf Schirmer Musikalische Leitung
Rosamund Gilmore
Rosamund Gilmore Inszenierung
Carl Friedrich Oberle
Carl Friedrich Oberle Bühne
Nicola Reichert
Nicola Reichert Kostüme
Michael Röger
Michael Röger Licht
Christian Geltinger
Christian Geltinger Dramaturgie
Kathrin Göring
Kathrin Göring Fricka
Gal James
Gal James Freia
Marina Prudenskaya
Marina Prudenskaya Erda
Olga Jelínková
Olga Jelínková Woglinde
Sandra Maxheimer
Sandra Maxheimer Wellgunde
Sandra Janke
Sandra Janke Floßhilde
Tuomas Pursio
Tuomas Pursio Wotan
Anooshah Golesorkhi
Anooshah Golesorkhi Donner
Sven Hjörleifsson
Sven Hjörleifsson Froh
Thomas Mohr
Thomas Mohr Loge
Sebastian Pilgrim
Sebastian Pilgrim Fasolt
Friedemann Röhlig
Friedemann Röhlig Fafner
Kay Stiefermann
Kay Stiefermann Alberich
Dan Karlström
Dan Karlström Mime
Sandra Lommerzheim
Sandra Lommerzheim Mythische Elemente / Tänzerin
Ronja Häring
Ronja Häring Mythische Elemente / Tänzerin
Rebecca Jefferson
Rebecca Jefferson Mythische Elemente / Tänzerin
Ziv Frenkel
Ziv Frenkel Mythische Elemente / Tänzer
Vladimir Golubchyk
Vladimir Golubchyk Mythische Elemente / Tänzer
Alexander Range
Alexander Range Mythische Elemente / Tänzer