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Carmen (gekürzte Fassung)

Georges Bizet

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Opera in four acts | Text by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy


For Carmen the greatest good is her freedom. She never wants to submit to the pressures of society. The adapted Sergeant Don José is fascinated by this woman who just takes what she wants. He gives up everything for her, his childhood sweetheart Micaëla, his position in the military and even joins a gang of smugglers. He is obsessed with Carmen, who soon loses interest in him and falls for the death-defying bullfighter Escamillo. José is desperate and wants Carmen back at all costs. In 1875, Georges Bizet achieved a real coup with his "Carmen". The piece is still one of the most frequently performed operas of all time. Beguiling melodies and rousing rhythms meet a strong heroine. This represents the counter-image to the passive, self-sacrificing female figures that the opera world knew in the 19th century. We show the piece in a shortened version without a break, which of course contains the most famous melodies.

Matthias  Foremny
Matthias Foremny Musikalische Leitung
Thomas Eitler-de Lint
Thomas Eitler-de Lint Choreinstudierung
Nele Winter
Nele Winter Dramaturgie
Kathrin Göring
Kathrin Göring Carmen
Olena Tokar
Olena Tokar Micaëla
Christiane Döcker
Christiane Döcker Mercédès
Jennifer Zein
Jennifer Zein Frasquita
Sébastien Guèze
Sébastien Guèze Don José
Gezim Myshketa
Gezim Myshketa Escamillo
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Jean-Baptiste Mouret Zuniga
Fredrik Essunger
Fredrik Essunger Moralès