Premiere | Sunday 28.06.2020 | 6 p.m. | Opernhaus


Richard Strauss

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Conversation piece for music in one act | Text by Clemens Krauss and Richard Strauss

Introduction 5:15pm in the Concert Foyer


Conversation piece for music in one act | In German with German and English supertitles | Text by Clemens Krauss and Richard Strauss | 
Text or music – in opera, which one is more important? This age-old music history question inspired Richard Strauss’s last opera. In a colorful and amusing chamber setting, Strauss artfully reflects on 300 years of music theater, offering his not uncontroversial answer to the question of the artist’s role in society.
Ulf Schirmer
Ulf Schirmer Musikalische Leitung
Jan Schmidt-Garre
Jan Schmidt-Garre Inszenierung
Elisabeth Kühne
Elisabeth Kühne Dramaturgie
Maria Bengtsson
Maria Bengtsson Die Gräfin
Kathrin Göring
Kathrin Göring Die Schauspielerin Clairon
Bianca Tognocchi
Bianca Tognocchi Eine italienische Sängerin
Mathias  Hausmann
Mathias Hausmann Der Graf
Patrick Vogel
Patrick Vogel Flamand
Jonathan Michie
Jonathan Michie Oliver
Sebastian Pilgrim
Sebastian Pilgrim La Roche
Matthias Stier
Matthias Stier Monsieur Taupe
Alvaro Zambrano
Alvaro Zambrano Ein italienischer Sänger
Martin Blasius
Martin Blasius Der Haushofmeister

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