Leipziger Ballett

Monday 16.09.2019 | 6 p.m. | Uwe Scholz Saal Opernhaus

Blue Monday

Vorgestellt: die neuen Tänzer


On selected Mondays, the ballet rehearsal room becomes a stage! The Leipzig Ballet team has prepared and exclusive program for these salon evenings: artist conversations, detailed choreography work, and dance improvisations. Our “Blue Mondays” are preliminary ideas and pencil sketches for what will eventually become full ballet performances; they are an intimate look behind the scenes at dance in its conceptual stages.
Camilla Chiesi
Camilla Chiesi Tänzerin
Arieh Bates-Vinueza
Arieh Bates-Vinueza Tänzer
Alejandro Andrade
Alejandro Andrade Tänzer
Isabel Edwards
Isabel Edwards Elevin
Francesco Barbuto
Francesco Barbuto Eleve