Leipziger Ballett

Monday 16.09.2019 | 6 p.m. | Uwe Scholz Saal Opernhaus

Blue Monday

Vorgestellt: die neuen Tänzer


On selected Mondays, the ballet rehearsal room becomes a stage! The Leipzig Ballet team has prepared and exclusive program for these salon evenings: artist conversations, detailed choreography work, and dance improvisations. Our “Blue Mondays” are preliminary ideas and pencil sketches for what will eventually become full ballet performances; they are an intimate look behind the scenes at dance in its conceptual stages.
Letícia Calvete
Letícia Calvete Tänzerin
Camilla Chiesi
Camilla Chiesi Tänzerin
Arieh Bates-Vinueza
Arieh Bates-Vinueza Tänzer
Marcelo Ferreira
Marcelo Ferreira Tänzer
Youngchan Moon
Youngchan Moon Tänzer
Alejandro Andrade
Alejandro Andrade Tänzer
John Edmar Sumera
John Edmar Sumera Tänzer
Isabel Edwards
Isabel Edwards Elevin
Francesco Barbuto
Francesco Barbuto Eleve