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© Tom Schulze
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Angebot 2


Alle Vorstellungen mit Einführung 45 Min. vor Vorstellungsbeginn


Romantic opera in three acts | Text by the composer | In cooperation with the Bayreuther Festspielen (BF Medien GmbH) | In German with German and English supertitles

Prince Arindal takes refuge from his political responsibilities in the fairy world. Richard Wagner’s first opera is, in some ways, a parable for the artist’s position in society, in which the fairy world becomes an ivory tower. Compositionally, Wagner reveals his musical roots in this work with echoes of Beethoven and Weber.





Bühne und Kostüme André Barbe, Licht Laura Siegmund, Dramaturgie Marita Müller

André Barbe
André Barbe Bühne und Kostüme