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Uraufführung | Oper in vier Akten | Text von Hans-Ulrich Treichel | Kompositionsauftrag der Oper Leipzig, gefördert durch die Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung | In deutscher Sprache mit Übertiteln

Alle ­Vorstellungen mit Einführung 45 Min. vor Vorstellungsbeginn


Opera in four acts | Text by Hans-Ulrich Treichel | In German with German supertitles

This opera tells the initiation story of a young man named Albert, set against the backdrop of a divided Germany. The setting is the city of Berlin. We’re taken on a journey: to West Berlin in the 1970s, to a mythological time on the No-man’s land of the Peacock Island, to the pre-unification theater scene in West Berlin, and to the years after the fall of the Wall. Four female figures represent four the different stages of our jouney: Lise, a political science student; Friederike, a dental student; Marie, an actress; and Anna, a young woman from East Berlin.



Bühne Aida-Leonor Guardia, Kostüme Eva Butzkies, Licht Stefan Bolliger, Dramaturgie Christian Geltinger

Christian Geltinger
Christian Geltinger Dramaturgie