Musikalische Komödie

Tuesday 13.07.2021 | 7:30 p.m. | Musikalische Komödie


Mirko Mahr // An die Hygienemaßnahmen angepasste Fassung


Ballet by Mirko Mahr after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | Music by Edward Elgar, Jacques Offenbach and Igor Stravinsky | For children 6 years and older

The Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter. Lewis Carroll’s tale of adventure is full of whimsical, fantastical creatures. And it all begins with the White Rabbit: Alice follows him down a rabbit hole, and arrives in a curious land ­teeming with peculiar beings and the most absurd places. In no time at all, she joins a bizarre tea party and plays ­croquet with the Queen of Hearts. But most puzzling of all is Alice herself. As she bravely takes on Wonderland’s ­challenges, she is forced to answer the question: “Who in the world am I?”



Tobias Engeli
Tobias Engeli Musikalische Leitung
Mirko Mahr
Mirko Mahr Choreografie und Inszenierung
Mathias  Drechsler
Mathias Drechsler Choreinstudierung
Nele Winter
Nele Winter Dramaturgie
Marta Borczakowska
Marta Borczakowska Alice
Irem Erden
Irem Erden Herzogin
Alla Leder
Alla Leder Soloschmetterling
Alla Leder
Alla Leder Köchin/Herzkönig
Tatiana Andrea Duarte de Sousa
Tatiana Andrea Duarte de Sousa Herzkönig
Laura Dominijanni
Laura Dominijanni Gärtnerin
Sara Cornelia Brandão
Sara Cornelia Brandão Zwilling 2
Tatiana Andrea Duarte de Sousa
Tatiana Andrea Duarte de Sousa Haselmaus
Cornelia Rosenthal
Cornelia Rosenthal Mutter
Daniel Castillo Cisneros
Daniel Castillo Cisneros Kaninchen
Nicola Miritello
Nicola Miritello Herzkönigin
Stephen Budd
Stephen Budd Hutmacher/Papagei
Özgür Tuncay
Özgür Tuncay Grashüpfer
Mattia Cambiaghi
Mattia Cambiaghi Frosch/Märzhase
Mattia Cambiaghi
Mattia Cambiaghi Gärtner
Özgür Tuncay
Özgür Tuncay Gärtner
Claudio Valentim
Claudio Valentim Gärtner
Björn Grandt
Björn Grandt Vater
Roland Otto
Roland Otto Leierkastenmann