The Opera House provides six available wheelchair spaces per performance on the ground floor. Please order your tickets via our telephone service T + 49 (0) 341 - 12 61 261.

    When traveling by car, the opera house is accessible barrier-free from the underground parking garage with the elevator. In the underground garage there are six wheelchair accessible parking spaces near the entrance. The stalls can be reached by elevator on the left side of the lobby.Barrier-free toilets are located in the lobby.

    New: Access to the opera house from Augustusplatz is now also barrier-free via a stair lift on the outside staircase on the right.

    In the Musikalischen Komödie, four wheelchair spaces are available per performance. Please order your tickets via our telephone service + 49 (0)341 - 12 61 261. Guests have access via a stair lift at the main entrance and the elevator to the tier area. There you will also find barrier-free toilets. You can also reach the comedy garden barrier-free during the break.


    There are induction loops in the Opera House - on the ground floor and on the balcony. Please set your hearing aids to telephone or induction and keep this in mind when making yourseat reservation.

    New at the Opera House: Streaming for barrier-free listening for all seats. Visitors with hearing impairment will be able to access the additional sound tracks for hearing assistance via the free Sennheiser MobileConnect app. The transmission takes place in real time on the device of the visitor. The app is available for Android®and iOS® and the Personal Hearing Assistant allows speech intelligibility and sound quality to be adjusted.

    In the Musikalische Komödie, the induction loop will be usable on all seats and in the Venus Hall.

  • leichte Sprache

    In addition to English and German, easy language can also be selected as a language option on the website of the Oper Leipzig in the program and service section.


    See with your ears: musical theater for everyone

    After a guided tour through the world of fabrics, costumes, wigs, props and stage design elements, there is opera with live audio description for blind and visually impaired people. Visitors receive precise descriptions of what is happening on stage via a headset. Spokeswoman Anke Nicolai says: »The art consists in playing back the events in the short gaps in which no singer is singing, filling the gaps precisely and with the essentials, thus bringing the staging to new, colorful life awakened.« Travel together with Floria Tosca to Rome, with Tevje to Anataveka: We look forward to seeing you!

    For the first time in the history of the Oper Leipzig, experience grand opera and thrilling musicals with live audio descriptions.



    Oct 16th, 2022 – »Tosca«, Opera House
    Mar 12th, 2023 – »Anatveka«, Musikalische Komödie


    In the past, people dined, chatted, booed and even played roulette in the foyers by candlelight in the opera houses! It certainly wasn't quiet. Today we can concentrate better on the music and the stage - the auditorium is dark and the audience is dead silent. That's great! But some people are just not quiet. So that they don't feel uncomfortable because the person sitting next to them looks grim or the lady in the front row hisses »Shhh!«, we're introducing the loud performance. So that fidgets of all ages, people with growling stomachs, tics or disabilities and, above all, their relatives can relax and enjoy an evening at the opera.

    Of course, quiet people can also come to this performance. But please don't be surprised if it squeaks, chuckles, buzzes or whispers next to you.


    Mar 19th, 2023 – »Snow White«, Opera House
    Jun 30th, 2023 – »Fusion«, Opera House