Friends and Sponsors of Leipzig Opera

The Förderkreis der Oper Leipzig e.V. is an association of friends of Leipzig Opera. Its role is to provide the opera with moral and material support. It is its advocate for matters concerning its position within the cultural life of the city. It comes to its aid when it requires financial assistance.
Members of the association have the chance to have a closer relationship with the music theatre. The association organises its own programme for its members, giving them the opportunity to go behind the scenes.

Attendance of rehearsals, regular talks with artists, discussions with the theatre management, trips, première parties and special events all give an insight into theatre life.

Membership fee: €69.00
Couples: €110.00
“Young friends” (up to the age of 26): €30.00
Corporate membership: €500.00
Sponsors: €500.00
Patrons: €2,000.00 

Members receive invitations to all premières and are able to participate in all the association’s events and the special receptions organised by the association at the interval of each opera première.

Board of Directors

Wolfgang Ramsner
Anette Kröning
Peter Luda
Lars Riemann
Members of the Board of Directors
Alexander Achminow, Franz Josef Heigl, Hans-Georg Sebel


Förderkreis der Oper Leipzig e.V.
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 77, 04109 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)34297 – 76 301
or +49 (0)341 – 96 28 88 77
Fax: +49 (0)34297 – 76 320
or +49 (0)341 – 96 28 88 78


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