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Musical Theatre Education


We, the musical theatre educators at the Oper Leipzig, see ourselves as mediators between the artwork on stage and the people in the auditorium.

We would therby like to offer a wide variety of approaches to opera, ballet, operetta and musicals in order to give all interested parties, school classes, families, groups, clubs, etc. the opportunity to imaginatively discover musical theatre in its entirety and help each person find their own access to it, thus creating an individual experience. We pave the way for participation in cultural life and want to empower people of all backgrounds and ages to discover their own artistic and musical abilities.

We look forward to shared art experiences!

All about a visit to the theatre


We'll help you choose an age-appropriate and suitable performance from the extensive range of productions from the Oper Leipzig. 

Preparation and follow-up of a theatre visit

We offer introductions for school classes and groups, combined with a look behind the scenes or a special workshop for selected productions. In addition, we recommend visiting the workshop events before any premieres, which are always combined with a public rehearsal.

After a visit to the theatre, events like follow-up talks, meetings with production participants or in-depth workshops can be booked. 

Public rehearsals


In connection with the chosen performance, we provide an insight into the development process of a production before its premiere.

Premiere class

As a premiere class, the students of a class can participate in the creation process of an opera or a musical. They directly experience how an idea can develop into a concept, how the concept becomes the first draft, who implements it, and what professions interact with it.

In the classroom, the students deal with the material, the composer, the music, etc. They can participate in rehearsals, talk with actors, the dramaturge and the director and actively engage with the piece during workshops. It is possible to help prepare contributions for the website, participation in the making of the program, etc.

Behind the scenes


We allow school classes to explore musical theatre in an unusual place of learning while focusing on the wide range of professions in the theatre world as well as their coming together to create and make musical theatre work. 

a visit to the theatre workshops

A visit to the theatre workshops provides students insight into the craft professions behind the scenes.

Instrumentation with the Orchestra of the Musikalische Komödie

The members of the orchestra show the diversity and range of possibilities of their instruments for groups of 15 people or more.


Children's opera club

Looking for creative boys!
We are always happy about new boys who want to join our children's opera club

The children's opera club is open to children between the ages of 6 and 12, who enjoy acting, love singing,music and movement. Rehearsals take place every monday from 3:30 pm to 5 pm at the Opera House. Here you improvise, try new things, laugh, think and make music. In June, the children's opera club will perform a short piece, created together during rehearsal time. Special prior knowledge is not required, only regular participation. The number of participants is limited.
For information and registration, please contact Romy Sarakacianis.

Youth Theatre Club

The youth theatre club rehearses weekly, prior knowledge is not required, only the desire to try out new things, sing together and participate regularly. Currently, all spots are filled; new registration is possible starting October 2020.
Please contact Tina Geissler at geissler@oper-leipzig.de for more information

Seniors club

Fun-loving adults between their late 50s and mid-80s meet every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm for a rehearsal. During this time, they improvise small skits, work on their expression and sing together. The joy of acting and music is what brings everyone together. In June, the participants will present a stage play, which they develop during the season. You will be guided by the musical theatre teacher, Romy Sarakacianis. Currently, all spots are filled.


Christina Geißler

Musical Theatre Educator and Dramaturge 
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Romy Sarakacianis

Musical Theatre Educator 
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