Friends and Sponsors of the Musical Comedy Theatre.

Three sumptuous books on topics related to the Musical Comedy Theatre have been published by the Förderverein der Musikalischen Komödie (Friends of the Musical Comedy Theatre) in recent years. They are all written by the Chairman of the association, Leonhard Czernetzki, the former leader of the orchestra. The publications aim to show the past and present of the theatre. The latest book, 100 Jahre Theaterbau Haus Dreilinden (100 Years of the Haus Dreilinden Theatre), on the Musical Comedy Theatre’s current venue, was published for the centenary in 2012. The colourful history of this listed building is presented in pictures and text here to help restore the ever popular theatre to its former glory. All books can be purchased in the opera house or the Musical Comedy Theatre before the evening performances. All the books are registered and permanently stored in the German National Library and the Saxon State and University Library Dresden.


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