Strauss Weekend

Richard Strauss is a composer, as he could not fit better in our time. Almost exactly one hundred years ago, shortly after the invention of psychoanalysis and the start of the emancipation movement, Strauss and his librettist Hofmannsthal confront us with questions that still occupy us today. How does a relationship develop on eye-level? This question was as evident at the beginning of modernism as it was at the end of so-called postmodernism. Is there a successful partnership or family model? Is private happiness possible without feedback from the community? Where is the responsibility of the individual for society? How can the apparent differences of eros and ethos be reconciled in a modern world? All these questions are encountered in the works of Richard Strauss. The Gewandhaus Orchestra, with its romantic sound culture, is predestined for the works of Richard Strauss, so that it was obvious to Intendant and General Music Director Ulf Schirmer - himself an internationally sought-after Strauss conductor - to put his great masterpieces at the center of the Leipzig repertoire.

Spielzeit 2020/21