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Mario Schröder talks about choreographing and his role models.

von Nele Winter Saturday 19.12.2020
Mario Schröder in his office © Ida Zenna

The series #marioschroeder10 continues. This time the Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer talks about his role models and why choreographing for him is not only based on good preparation, but also on instinct and on communication with the dancers.

Shooting Stars

»When I'm choreographing, it is often as if a firefly would light up or as if a shooting star would fall from the sky. You can't explain it, you just see it and realize, that it does something to you. This shooting star then becomes the cause to think about it. It is similar with music pieces or topics. They don't come at the touch of a button, for one is not a machine. On the other hand spaces and situations can trigger something too. Sometimes you are so surprised about how something came into being, that you don't notice, how many steps it took and how long the way was to get to this place. I don't think it is possible, that these impulses come from nothing. But emptiness and exhaustion can play a role during this process, so you can be able to start again.«

© Ida Zenna
© Ida Zenna


»Although I come to the studio well preparated and with a clear image, I still decide many things instinctively. I know exactly how a movement should look like. But I don't know, if the dancer can execute it really that instinctively, until I see him before me. Therefore the dialogue with the artist is crucial while creating. Of course I rehearse the steps, but I also leave space for freedom, if I notice that I can leave an open window here and there and if the dancer jumps through it, I'll catch him. Or I'm jumping through the window and he has to catch me. The first step is always the hardest when you're choreographing. It is based on giving and taking. That can only arise, when you are going to the studio with trust and if you are given trust in return too.«

© Ida Zenna
© Ida Zenna

Role Models

»My role models are not only dancers and choreographers. I believe, that every person has something that can fascinate you, but doesn't have to. What inspires me the most, are people who carry a cosmos inside of them. People who are empathatic and don't live their lives out of egoism. People who have knowledge to create something. Amongst these people are musicians and composers as well as scientists and friends of mine, but also people who have completely different jobs. My mother is the best example for that. The instinct and love of my mother made me become a dancer. To live in this family, to have my sister Silvana next to me, to feel there is someone who protects you and who is also some kind of a role model, was great luck for me. We are not only conntected by family, but also by our function as Artistic Director and choreographer, although to me it is hard to separate life from work and vice versa. To me the two belong together. Therefore the thought, that there a people to catch you, is even more important to me.«