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Van Gogh

PREMIERE | Mario Schröder

Performance 02/03/2017  |  Ballet by Mario Schröder

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Artists often possess vulnerable personalities. The overwhelming need to share of one’s self often leads an artist to the very limits of existence, manifested as neglect of one’s physical or psychological well-being. The artist who discovers truly new, trend-setting, revolutionary ideas is often confronted with a lack of understanding and incomprehension. When modern psychoanalysis took a closer look at serious artists, it noticed (perhaps not surprisingly) periods of prolific output alternating with complete lethargy. It is from these alternating moments of manic creation and paralyzing self-doubt that genius emerges.

Vincent van Gogh was one of these artists. His active period of creation only lasted a decade, during which time he produced over 800 paintings and more than 1,000 drawings. Today, his well-known sunflowers have been reproduced so widely that they are almost banal; in his lifetime they were ignored. In addition to his creative output, the letters he exchanged with his brother Theo provide moving insights into his personal and artistic life. In addition, they afford evidence of his apparent psychological condition, particularly of the events that led to him removing his ear. After a short, incredibly active period of productivity, van Gogh ended his own life.

After Chaplin and Jim Morrison, Mario Schröder continues his popular biographical ballets with Van Gogh.

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