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PREMIERE | Leonard Bernstein | Konzertante Aufführung

Performance 06/24/2017  |  Operetta in one act by Leonard Bernstein | Music by Leonard Bernstein

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Candide, along with West Side Story, is one of Bernstein’s best-known works, and his most daring creation for the stage. The story of this comic operetta, which was premiered in 1956 in New York, was Voltaire’s satire Candide: or, the Optimist. Inspired by this biting piece of social criticism, Bernstein wrote a piece whose mixture of classic operetta, musical and comic opera was, in his own words a “kind of personal love letter to European music.” Developed around the same time as West Side Story, Candide bears little resemblance to the former. In contrast to the quintessentially American musical, Candide’s roots are to be found in the European operetta tradition, from Offenbach to Sullivan.

Join us for an expedition through the “best of all possible worlds” and experience Candide’s journey of discovery, wherein he realizes that such a world only exists in thought. Candide moves from one disaster to another, barely escaping with his life. With memorable numbers such as the overture – heard often on the concert podium – and Kunigonde’s virtuoistic aria Glitter and be gay, the evening promises to be a lively and humorous musical adventure!

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