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Aladin und die Wunderlampe

Nino Rota

Performance 10/28/2016  |  Lyrisches Märchen in drei Akten und elf Bildern Libretto von Vinci Verginelli | Nach der gleichnamigen Erzählung aus »1001 Nacht«  |  Deutsche Übersetzung von Ralph Mundlechner | Reduzierte Fassung von Rainer Schottstädt | Für Kinder ab 8 Jahren | Spieldauer ca. 2 1/4 Stunden | Eine Pause

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A lyric fairy tale in three acts and eleven scenes | Libretto by Vinci Verginelli | After the tale of the same name from »One Thousand and One Nights« | German translation by Ralph Mundlechner | Abridged version by Rainer Schottstädt | For children from 8 years of age

Who hasn’t dreamed of treasure without end, and a lifetime of pleasure? For young Aladdin, it seems that dream has come true: His previously unknown uncle tells him of a boundless fortune buried in the center of a mysterious mountain. But soon enough Aladdin learns that hope, wealth, power and love won through magic aren’t real. Even with the powerful genie Cem on his side, Aladdin comes to realize that he alone is responsible for his happiness. »Aladdin and the Magic Lamp« is the most famous of the stories from Scheherazade’s tales of »One Thousand and One Nights«. It is as magical today as it ever was, capable of enchanting children and adults alike.

Composer Nino Rota is best known for his music for such films as Fellini’s »La Strada«, Visconti’s »Gatopardo«, and Coppola’s »Godfather«. His music brings to life the mysterious figures of the Magician, the Sultan and the genie Cem. The timeless tale is hard to resist for theater types of all kinds: Costume designers, set designers, and stage technicians all enjoy the challenge presented by staging such a piece. And so, in a new production by Jasmin Solfaghari, Aladdin learns that family and friends are much more important than all the riches in the world.

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