The Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Leipziger Balletts e.V. (Friends and Sponsors of Leipzig Ballet), founded in 1995, has set itself the task of supporting Leipzig Ballet, one of the biggest and longest established ballet ensembles in Germany. At all Leipzig Ballet’s performances, spectators who are interested have the opportunity to obtain background information on the ballet company in general, the individual pieces and the ensemble at the association’s stand in the foyer on the ground floor  or buy photos of the productions, DVDs, books, etc.
For our members, we can arrange visits to rehearsals and educational events as well as exclusive meetings with the dancers. The highlight of each season is the special reception that all members of the association and the entire ensemble are invited to. This is also an opportunity to talk to individual dancers in a relaxed environment. All this offers members of the association fascinating insights into the ensemble’s work and has been helping for years to widen Leipzig Ballet’s fan base and enlist supporters.
Membership fees and donations, combined with sales revenues, make it possible to make purchases that Leipzig Ballet profits from directly, for instance, by making contributions to the cost of certain productions and buying equipment that members of the ensemble can directly benefit from. The association provides organisational support particularly for dancers from abroad who are new in Leipzig and have to settle into a new environment in addition to carrying out their intensive work in the opera house. Join our association and support Leipzig Ballet and its dancers!

Executive Board

Doris Benner
Members of the Executive Board
Gabor Zsitva, Nora Nienke, Anne Raupach, Helga Schmidt and Angela Luksch


Freunde und Förderer des Leipziger Balletts e.V.
c/o Oper Leipzig
Angela Luksch

Postfach 100346
04003 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)341 1261-303
Fax: +49 (0)341 1261-376

Membership fee

Standard: €25.00 | Couples: €40.00 | Senior citizens/students: €13.00 | Corporate membership: from €250.00

  • Sparkasse Leipzig


+49 (0)341 – 12 61 261